View sales and merchant payment reports

Use the payments center to track sales data such as:
  • Payable earnings information such as your account balance, which includes unpaid earnings and the date earned, the amount of merchant payments, and the payment method used for your last merchant payment
  • Merchant payments made to you by Google for charged orders
  • Taxes
  • Adjustments

Here’s how you can view your reports:

  1. Sign into your payments profile
  2. Click Subscriptions and services  
  3. Under "Merchant services," click Manage. View your earnings and merchant payment threshold, recent transactions, how you get paid, and your profile's settings.
  4. To see more sales data, click View Transactions

On the next screen you can view “All transactions,” earnings, merchant payments, adjustments, or taxes.

View data in detail or summarized for periods ranging from “this month” to “all time.” 

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