Merchants use their payments profile to receive payments from Google (“merchant payments”), manage orders, track sales and more. These merchants include:

  • Android app developers who monetize their apps in Google Play 
  • Chrome Web Store developers


Once you’ve set up a payments profile and linked it to your Google Play Developer Console or your Chrome Web Store apps, you can use the payments profile to: Get answers to frequently asked questions.

Protecting your personal information

Our highest priority is to enable secure transactions between customers and merchants. To this end, Google uses the following security measures.

  • We encrypt payment transactions with industry-standard Transport layer security (TLS) technology. 
  • Bank account details and credit card information are stored in a single location on Google’s secure servers. These details are only accessed when needed to complete transactions.
  • Google is committed to preserving the security of your information and will not share your information except as described in our Privacy policy and Payments privacy notice.
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