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Receiving payouts


In order to receive payment for your charged orders, you must first specify a bank account in your Google Payments account. If you have not yet specified a bank account, you can do so the next time you sign in.

Add or edit bank account

When adding or updating your bank account information, you'll need to enter the information exactly as it is on file with your bank. If you need help locating your account information, we recommend contacting your bank representative for additional assistance.

  1. Sign in to your Google Wallet Merchant Account.
  2. Click the Settings tab, then click Financials.
  3. Enter your bank account information. Ensure your information exactly matches what's on file with your bank.
  4. Click Save financials.

Verify bank account

To ensure the security and validity of your information, you will be asked to perform a simple verification process after you add or change your bank account information.

Please allow a minimum of one business day for the test deposit to be registered in your bank account before attempting to complete the verification process.

  1. Within two business days, Google will make a single deposit in your bank account. (Your bank may take up to three additional business days to register this deposit in your account.)
  2. View your bank statement or contact your bank to locate this deposit amount. The deposit will be labeled GOOGLE DEPOSIT [your credit card statement name] or something similar.
  3. Review your bank statement or contact your bank to locate this deposit amount from Google. The deposit amount depends on the location of your bank and the branch you use.
  4. Sign in to Google Payments.
  5. Click the Settings tab, then click Financials.
  6. Click Verify account.
  7. Enter the deposit amount exactly as it is displayed on your bank statement. If the deposit amount is 0.05, you should enter 05 or .05 as the deposit amount. Please do not include leading zeros.
  8. Click Verify deposit.

For account security, the number of test deposit attempts is limited. Incorrectly entering the test deposit amount several times will cause the bank account information to become locked.

Test deposits

The deposit amount you receive depends on the location of your bank and the branch you use.

In most cases be an amount between 0.01 and 1.00 and be issued from 'GOOGLE DEPOSIT' or similar. Note that the test deposit range will vary for accounts opened in Japan, the Czech Republic, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Payout schedules

Google automatically initiates payouts to your bank account on the 15th of the month; exceptions to this are weekends or bank holidays. Payments will include orders charged up to two days prior to the day of payment, less any refunds issued from the previous day. Google Payments will send your payout to your bank account; however, your bank may take an additional three business days to register the payout in your bank account. Please contact your bank representative for the specifics of your bank's turnaround time for electronically deposited funds.

Payout requirements

Your earned balance must meet the minimum payout amount in order for you to be eligible for a payout at the end of your payment cycle, and your minimum payout amounts will vary depending on your country and currency. Here are the minimum payout amounts for all supported currencies:

Currency Minimum Amount
USD 1.0
GBP 1.0
CHF 1.0
EUR 1.0
SEK 1.0
NOK 1.0
DKK 1.0
CAD 1.0
AUD 1.0
NZD 1.0
HKD 1.0
SGD 1.0
JPY 100.0
PLN 2.0
CZK 20.0
KRW 1000.0
ILS 3.0
MXN 12.0
TRY 20.0
HUF 2120.0
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