Set up a backup payment method

For some Google products you can set up a backup payment method that will be used if the primary method fails for any reason (such as an expired credit card or insufficient funds). This can be especially useful for ongoing subscriptions and services, to help avoid interruptions in service.

About backup payment methods

  • Not all payment methods can be used as a backup payment method.
  • When certain payment methods are set as the primary method, a backup payment method cannot be set.

To set up a backup payment method

  1. Sign in to Subscriptions and services.
  2. For the subscription, service, or product for which you want to set up a backup payment method, click Manage.
  3. Depending upon the product you've selected, either:
    • Click Change Payment Method, click Update backup payment method, and select your desired backup payment method, or
    • Click Manage Payment Methods, and select Backup from the menu on the card of the payment method you want to be the backup.
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