Understand Google charges on your credit or debit card statement

There are a variety of ways charges or credits from Google products and services may appear on your credit or debit card statement. All card descriptors start with the word "GOOGLE."

Note: The display of some items may be shortened, depending upon the formatting of your statement.

Statement item Google product
GOOGLE *ADWS{ID} Google AdWords
Google AdMob
DoubleClick Ad Exchange
GOOGLE *{Company} Google Play Store for Apps
GOOGLE *CLOUD_{ProjectID} Google Cloud Platform
GOOGLE *Commerce Ltd Google Play Music
GOOGLE *{Developer} Google Play Store for Apps
GOOGLE *Devices Google Store
GOOGLE *Domains Google Domains
GOOGLE *Google, Inc. Google Play Music
GOOGLE *Google Music Google Play Music
GOOGLE *Google Play Google Play Movies & TV
GOOGLE *Google Storage Google Drive
GOOGLE *Google Store Google Store
GOOGLE *Google Surveys Google Analytics
GOOGLE *GoogleExpress Google Express
GOOGLE *Music Google Play Music
GOOGLE *Play Google Play Store for Apps
GOOGLE *Play Credit Google Play gift cards and other transfers to a Google Play balance
GOOGLE *Play Newsstand Google Play Newsstand
GOOGLE *PROJECT FI Google Project Fi
GOOGLE *SVCSAPPS_{Domain_name} G Suite by Google Cloud
GOOGLE *Voice Google Voice
GOOGLE *WALLET Google Wallet
GOOGLE *YouTube Videos YouTube Movies


  • ID is a customer number that helps Google identify which user the item applies to.
  • Company is is usually the company making the charge through Google, such as the developer of an Android app or the publisher of digital magazine.
  • ProjectID is the project ID of your Google Cloud Platform project.
  • Developer is the developer of the Android app that generated the charge.
  • Domain_name is the internet domain name attached to your G Suite implementation.
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