Use Google Pay on an app or website

To pay with your cards saved to Google Pay in supported apps or on supported websites, click the button:

or select "Google Pay" from the list of payment options.

You'll be able to confirm your payment method and shipping address (if applicable) as you complete your purchase.

Set default payment and shipping selections

If you see a check box at checkout that says "Use selected info for future purchases from this app," select it to use the same payment and shipping info for future purchases from that app or website.

Reset your default payment and shipping selections

If you no longer want an app or website to use your default selections, disconnect Google payments from the app or website. Then, when you check out, you can select the Google Pay button or payment option and make new selections.

See instructions for:

To disconnect Google payments:

  1. Open your device's Settings app.
  2. Tap Google > Connected apps.
  3. Tap the service you no longer want to use with Google payments.
  4. Tap Disconnect.
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