Receive payments for your business

Sellers can receive payments through their Google payments profile for products or services they sell through Google.

Find additional information about the Google payments center for merchants at Google payments center help for merchants

Get seller help specific to your product

Visit the corresponding help center.

Get paid through your seller payments profile

You can set up a seller profile when you sign up with the associated Google product. You’ll get an email requesting IDs, licenses, invoices, or other documentation that can help verify your identity. Verification usually takes 2–3 days. Any payments your profile collects before verification will be credited to you shortly thereafter.

To get paid, your total income over a payment period must meet the minimum payment amount for your country.

Note: To make sure you get paid on time, keep your tax information (like Social Security Number, Employer Identification Number, and legal business name) up to date in Settings.

Manage seller profile information

Sellers can add, change, and update payments profile information like:

  • Names, addresses, and tax information
  • Bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards, or other payment accounts
  • Information that appears on customer bank statements

You can also see sales reports, access tax documents, issue refunds, and more.

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