Use an existing payments profile

Whenever you sign up with a new Google product, you can use your payment profile and associated information (like credit card and other billing details) from a previous purchase. Learn more about payments profiles.

Why use an existing payments profile?

Using an existing payments profile can help you:

  • Save time spent repeating your billing and payment information every time you sign up for a new Google product.
  • Manage payments profile and update payment information (like expired credit card) across all Google products on the payments center.
  • Share payment information stored in your profile with other people (like coworkers or family members). That way, they can use it to pay for Google products and manage billing for you.
  • View and manage all payments users with edit access to your profile across all Google products.

Example for business customers: If an agency is paying on behalf of their clients with a single form of payment, then they could use the same profile for all of their clients. There are separate statements for each account even though the agency is sharing an existing payment profile across multiple accounts.

When to create a new payments profile

Separate personal and business profiles

If you plan to use your Google Account for both personal and business reasons, you should create a separate payments profile for each use.

Example: If you use your Google Account to purchase a movie on YouTube, you’ll create a personal payments profile. If you also want to use your Google Account to advertise your business on AdWords, you may want to create a business profile.

More than one directly paying client

You may want to have more than one business profile if you’re an agency with more than one client and the client is directly paying for the account. That way, you can manage different billing information using separate payments profiles. 

Manage your payments profile

You can manage information stored in your profiles through the Google product you’re paying for or by signing in to the payments center.

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