Add or remove people from a business payments profile

If you manage a business payments profile, you can add other people to it. For each person you add, you decide whether or not they can invite other users, buy or sign up for paid Google services, view your payment history, or make changes to the profile.

Note: People you add can see your payment information.

If you no longer want someone on a payments profile, you can remove them from it.

Add someone to a profile

  1. Sign in to Payments users.
  2. Choose Add a new user.
  3. Enter the contact’s information. Decide which permissions you want your contact to have.
  4. Tap or click Invite. Your contact will show as "Pending" until they accept your invitation.
    • The invitation expires after two weeks. To resend an invitation, choose the person you want to re-invite and tap or click Resend invitation.

Choose what people on your profile can do

When you add someone to a payments profile, you can set their permissions to give them various kinds of access to payment information for all Google products.

Important notes: 

  • Even if no permissions are selected, the user can receive email notifications related to payments for all linked accounts (without needing a Google Account themselves).
  • To receive any of the permissions listed, the user must have a Google Account. See Create a Google Account.
  • A user with any of the permissions listed can sign in to the payments center and view information for all Google products.

Available permissions:

  • Read access
    User can view all information and documents related to all products linked to this payments profile.
  • Edit payments profile
    User can edit information in the payments profile, such as name, address, forms of payment, tax info, and payments accounts settings. (Not available for invoicing customers)
  • Sign-up and purchase
    User can use the payments profile when buying or signing up with additional Google products or services. Note that some products and services, however, do not allow users to switch between multiple profiles. (Not available for invoicing customers)
  • Manage users
    User can add, edit, and remove users of the payments profile and change their permissions. User can only grant permissions they themselves have and remove users with the same or lesser permissions.
  • Admin with all permissions
    User can add, edit, and manage users for this payments profile and has all current permissions and all future permissions as they become available.

Additional merchant permissions:

  • Read purchase orders
    User can view merchant activity.
  • Manage purchase orders
    User can view and manage orders, refunds, and cancellations, but can’t view or edit anything else on the profile.

Email settings

You can adjust email settings for each person you add to your profile. 

Note: In general, Google products send email receipts to the Google account that made the purchase. For some products, the primary contact on the payments profile may also get an email receipt.

All payments email

All payments email includes administrative information, invoices, monthly statements, and other transactional messages.

Administrative payments email only

Administrative email includes account management messages about tax forms, customer suspensions, Terms of Service updates, and account closure.

Remove someone from a profile

Note: If you have admin permissions for a business profile, you can remove anyone but yourself.

  1. Sign in to Manage users.
  2. Next to the person you want to remove, tap or click the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  3. Choose Remove.
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