What is Google Pay Send?

Google Wallet is now a part of Google Pay. The app is now called Google Pay Send. 

You can use Google Pay to send, request, and receive money from other people. It comes in handy for tasks like splitting bills, gifting money, and paying rent.

If you’re already using Wallet, you don’t need to do anything to get started with Google Pay Send. On your device, your app will update to Google Pay Send. On web, you can send and receive money using pay.google.com.

Peer-to-peer payments and stored value transactions are processed by Google Payment Corp.  Please click here for the Terms of Service.

Where you can send & receive money


You can download the Google Pay Send app on your mobile device. On your computer, you can send and receive money using pay.google.com.


On your computer, you can send and receive money using pay.google.com. The mobile app isn’t available in the UK.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to download a new app?

No. The next time you update your Wallet app, it’ll become Google Pay Send.

Do I need to add my cards again?

No. Any debit cards or bank accounts you added to Wallet will automatically show up in Google Pay Send.

How will this affect my payment security?

The security measures protecting your info won’t change with the new name. You can read about current security for Wallet here.

Can I still get info about transactions I made on Wallet?

The same transaction info you get now will continue to be available to you after the change to Google Pay Send.

Wallet wasn’t available in my country before. Is it available now?

Right now, sending a receiving money is only available in the US and UK. The Google Pay Send app is available only in the US.

What’s happening to my Wallet Balance?

Your Wallet Balance is now called Google Pay balance. Any money you had in Wallet transfers over to Google Pay.

Send money other ways

You can also send money:

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