Set or change a default payment method

When you set a default payment method, any money you receive through Google Pay will be automatically sent to that payment method. There are no fees to transfer money. You can change the default payment method anytime.

Important: Money you receive will only go to your Google Pay balance if it is set as your default payment method.

To set or change a default payment method:

  1. Open the Google Pay Send app or visit
  2. Tap Menu Menu. If you're on the web, go to step 3.
  3. Tap or click Payment methods.
  4. Next to the payment method you want to make default, tap or click the down arrow Down Arrow and thenDefault. 
    • If you ever remove your default payment method from Google Pay, you’ll need to set a new default method before money can be automatically claimed again.
    • To set your default payment method, you'll need to have first received money at least once. 

Problems receiving money with your default payment method

If you get an email from Google Pay about a problem with your default payment method, the money won’t be automatically transferred to your bank or debit card account.

Follow the instructions below to fix the issue.

Step 1: Fix the problem

  • Outdated default payment method: Update the payment method, mark it as your default, and claim the money.
  • Reached debit card transaction limit: You won’t be able to transfer more than $2,500 per day to it. You can claim the money to a bank account instead.
  • Haven’t verified your identity: You might have reached the limit for the amount of money you can send or receive. Contact us to resolve the issue.
  • None of these is the issue: Contact us.

Step 2: Claim your money

Important: The money must be claimed within 14 days or money sent to you will be returned to the sender.

  1. Tap Transactions on the Google Pay Send app or visit Transactions on the web.
  2. Next to the transaction, tap or click Claim.
  3. Follow the instructions to claim your money. If you fixed your default payment method, money someone sends you next time will automatically transfer to your default account.

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