Fix a negative Google Pay Balance

A negative Google Pay balance is like having an overdrawn checking account. You won't be able to use Google Pay for transactions until you've settled your Google Pay balance to cover the negative amount. If your Google Pay balance stays negative too long, we might send your case to our collections department for further action.

Your Google Pay balance may show up as negative if:

  • Someone sent you money and then filed a chargeback with their bank.
  • You tried to send money from a bank account that didn't have enough funds.
  • A temporary credit in your account for a dispute under investigation was rejected.

Add money to your Google Pay balance

To fix a negative balance, you’ll need to add money to your Google Pay balance.

  1. In the Google Pay Send app, tap Menu Menu.
  2. Tap or click Google Pay balance and then Settle Google Pay balance.
  3. Review the confirmation and tap or click Add money.

Contact us at googlepay-collections@google.comif you have any questions or need help settling your negative Google Pay balance.  

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