Loyalty enrolment and sign-in

Google Pay can help you enrol new loyalty programme members and let existing members sign in to easily save their loyalty cards to Google Pay and use them in shops. 

How it works

When customers want to save a loyalty card to Google Pay from within the app, they have 2 options:

Enrol in loyalty programme

If a customer isn't in your loyalty programme already, they can join it. The Google Pay team can speed up the enrolment process by pre-filling customers' information, such as their name and email. After a customer joins your loyalty programme, their loyalty card is saved to Google Pay and is ready to use in shops.

Sign in to loyalty account

If a customer is already in your loyalty programme, they can sign in to their account to save your loyalty card to Google Pay. After the customer signs in, they can use their loyalty card with Google Pay and won't need to physically carry it.

More ways to let customers join loyalty programmes

Google Pay has 2 more ways to let customers join your loyalty programme quickly and easily:

  • Send location-based reminders. Google Pay can be used to send location-based reminders to customers to let them enrol or sign in to your loyalty programme when they're in your shop.
  • Use smart tap to enrol at the point-of-sale. When you use Google Pay's smart tap, it can be set up to use the terminal to ask customers to tap their phones to join your loyalty programme. If they decide to join and tap their phone, customers are automatically guided through the enrolment process with the Google Pay app.  

Learn more about Google Pay's smart tap.

Become a partner

If you want to be considered as an early-adoption partner of this loyalty feature, please contact us. The Google Pay team will contact you if they believe this feature will be a good fit for your business.

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