Accept Google Pay in stores


You can add Google Pay to your existing in-store payment options to offer simple, secure checkout to your customers.

Step 1: Review Google Pay requirements

Make sure to review the hardware requirements to support Google Pay in-store. To make sure you’re set up, you can work with your terminal and point-of-sale (POS) providers and your acquirer.

Step 2: Train your staff

There are many ways customers may tell your cashiers or sales associates that they want to use Google Pay at checkout, including “Pay with my phone,” “Pay with Android,” “Tap my phone,” or “Pay with Google.”

Important: To tap and pay, customers must unlock their device as part of the customer verification process.

Help your staff understand what this means and what they need to do:

  • Explain what contactless payments are and how they differ from traditional payments for both customers and staff.
  • To make sure your staff can handle common scenarios, such as normal payments, returns or refunds, or declined transactions, try practice transactions.

Step 3: Market Google Pay

To let your customers know they can spend more time shopping and less time at checkout, use Google Pay branding tools and guidelines.

(Optional) Step 4: Use Google Pay API for Passes

You can use Google Pay API to let customers earn on and use passes when they check out in-store, enter events, or board flights. Learn more about Google Pay API for Passes.

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