Protecting against Fraud or Unauthorised activity

At Google Pay, we consider it our highest responsibility to safeguard your hard-earned money and protect you from payment frauds.

We use the best of Google’s Artificial Intelligence and fraud prevention technology to identify suspicious transactions in real-time. We also actively work with the rest of the industry to build technologies that keep you safe.

However, sometimes scammers can ask you to take some deliberate actions that may lead you to lose money to them. That is why it is important for you to know about the dos and don'ts if you happen to be in such a situation.

How does authentication work in Google Pay?

Google Pay comes with two layers of protection.

The first step unlocks the payment application and the second step (UPI PIN) lets you complete the payment process. Google Pay advises you to keep the UPI PIN secret as you would keep the ATM pin secret.

In case of any suspicious activity, you should reach out to your bank and report immediately.

What to do when you receive suspicious calls?

Here are some examples on how to handle calls without context.

When you receive a call from an unknown number, be very alert. If they claim to be calling from your bank/retailer/insurance but you don’t recognize them, be wary. If the conversation turns to asking information about government IDs, documents, personal financial data like your PIN, bank account number, UPI ID, please do not share these details.

You are not required to share these details with anyone, no matter how convincing they sound.

Things you should never do in case of a suspicious call or message:

  • Do not accept any payment requests for making an instant transaction, especially while on the call or while online, where the caller says they are standing by.
  • Do not click on a link sent over SMS/email
  • Do not download or install an app/file while on call
  • Do not share your phone screen using a software or web link they send you.
  • Do not Reveal your UPI PIN, UPI ID, or any bank details over the phone.
  • Do not fill an online form, even if it looks legitimate. Fraudsters often create fake web pages that appear familiar or genuine, with logos and designs that resemble your bank or app.

What to always keep in mind?

Google Pay has provided certain guidelines that you should always keep in mind.
  • Your UPI PIN is only needed to send money and check balance. Receiving payments needs no PIN. In case someone asks you to enter your PIN, it means you are approving an outward payment, i.e. a payment from your bank account.
  • Never share the OTP you receive to log into your Google Pay account.
  • Never make a financial transaction — be it a recharge, bill payment, or anything else while distracted.
  • Never do it under pressure with someone on the phone line.
  • Never share sensitive personal details on social networking sites.
  • Never transfer funds without confirming a person’s identity.
  • Never use screen sharing apps when you make a transaction.

Some helpful tips to make your Google Pay payments safe:

Keep your UPI PIN secret: Your UPI PIN is just like your ATM PIN. Never share it with anyone.
Keep your Google Pay log in OTP a secret. Do not share it with anyone.
Only download trusted apps: Harmful apps like screen sharing apps can access personal information that you enter on your screen.
Be cautious of sharing your UPI PIN on websites or forms sent to you via a link.
You don't need to enter your UPI PIN to receive money: Entering your UPI PIN means you are paying someone. Pay attention to which direction your money is moving.
Only use your payment app to reach customer care: Find genuine support details in the Help/Support section  of your Google Pay app. Avoid untrusted numbers which may be listed on the Internet.

What to do if you are a victim of a fraud transaction?

Instantly report any irregularities in your transactions to your bank and the government’s Cyber Cell. We recommend you to do the following if you suspect fraud on your Google Pay transaction:

  • Report transaction to your bank
  • We suggest you reach out to the cyber crime police department in your local jurisdiction.
  • Please use this form to report it to us. We will evaluate your request against our policies and take action accordingly.

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