Stand out on the Jobs Spot

You can use the Jobs Spot to get the most out of your job search and increase your chances of an interview. We have a few extra tips to help you use the product.

Important: To get the most out of the Jobs Spot, make sure that you update your Google Pay app to the latest available version.

Job searches

To help us find you more jobs that fit your interests and strengths:

  • Complete your Jobs Spot profile: The more complete your profile info is, the easier it is to find jobs that match your skills. Learn how to manage your Jobs Spot profile.
  • Grow your skills: The Jobs Spot offers free content that can help you learn about a variety of topics related to your interest, including videos and articles created by fellow professionals. Learn how to find learning content.
  • Share your profile: After your profile is complete, you can share your profile to apply for jobs outside of the Google Pay app. Learn how to share your profile.


To improve your chances of being selected for an interview:

  • Respond to interview invitations: The more promptly that you respond, the better impression you make. Find out how to stay up to date on your applications.
  • Keep your commitments: If you respond to an interview request and say that you’ll attend the interview, make sure that you attend the interview. If you skip an interview without notice, it may hurt your chances of being invited to other interviews in the future.

Important: If you can’t attend an interview due to outside circumstances, cancel the interview. Try to give as much notice as possible.

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