Donate with Google Pay Terms of Service

By using Donate with Google Pay, you agree to the following terms in addition to the Combined Google Pay Terms which you've agreed to when using Google Pay:

  • Donate with Google Pay: Donate with Google Pay allows you to donate money directly to a charitable organisation including a non-profit or non-governmental organisation or a government relief fund ('Donee Organisation') that's participating in the Donate with Google Pay programme, using the forms of payment that you've saved in your Google Pay account. Donations made on Google Pay to participating Donee Organisations are considered 'Payment Transactions' under the Combined Google Pay Terms.
  • No endorsement: You understand that Google is only facilitating your donation to the Donee Organisation through Google Pay, and Google is not endorsing, vouching for or responsible for any actions or activities of the Donee Organisation, including any use of your donation. All descriptions of the Donee Organisation's mission, services and use of donations are provided by the Donee Organisation. Please do your own research on the Donee Organisation before you donate.
  • Tax receipt: Please note that the donation confirmation that you see on Google Pay is not a receipt from the Donee Organisation. It's the sole responsibility of the Donee Organisation to provide you with an appropriate tax receipt. Please contact the Donee Organisation if you qualify for but didn't receive a tax receipt.
  • Your personal information: When you proceed to make a donation, you're agreeing to allow Google to send your name, telephone number and email contact to the Donee Organisation to which you are donating. The Donee Organisation requires this information in order to ensure that it's a proper donation from an individual and to issue a tax receipt as applicable. Use of your personal information by the Donee Organisation is subject to that Donee Organisation's privacy policy. Please contact the Donee Organisation to understand how your personal information may be used.
  • Contact: Please contact the Donee Organisation if you have any questions about the receipt of your donation, tax receipt for your donation, use of your personal information by the Donee Organisation, and anything else about the Donee Organisation. For the Donate with Google Pay programme, here are the participating Donee Organisations.
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