Troubleshoot IPO Mandates

Ideal points of contact 

Contact your stock broker 

If you experience the following, you should contact your stock broker: 
  • Your mandate status says 'executed', but your shares aren’t available in your brokerage account. 
  • Your application status shows 'executed', but the broker claims that the order wasn’t successful. 
  • Your mandate update amount is different from what you told your broker. 

Contact your issuing bank 

If your mandate was denied, but your money is still being held, contact your issuing bank.

Contact Google support

For any other issues, contact Google Support

External FAQs

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Which brokers can issue mandates? 

All brokers are able to issue mandates to a VPA. 

You incorrectly entered your MPIN during mandate approval. 

Contact your broker. They can resend the mandate request. 

You incorrectly entered your MPIN during a mandate update confirmation.

If you incorrectly enter your MPIN during the Mandate update approval process, the earlier request stays active. However, the bank has to resend the mandate update, and you have to approve it again.

Your Virtual Payment Address (VPA) is deactivated.

You won’t be allowed to close the account if there’s an approved mandate in the transaction history.

Where are the invoices for Mandate purchases? 

There’s a link to your invoice in the transaction details page.
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