How to set up

Once the stock broker creates a mandate, you'll be notified with a mandate approval request on Google Pay.

  1. On your device, go to Google Pay Google Pay.
  2. At the top left, tap Menu  and then Settings . 
  3. Under 'Account', tap One-off mandates One-off mandate.


  • Mandates must be approved within the specified deadline, which is displayed in the mandate details page.
  • Mandates expire when share allocation and fund releases are processed.

    Approve or reject a mandate 

    Once the request goes through, you can approve or reject a mandate through Google Pay. 

    Approve mandate

    1. Tap Approve
    2. To complete the transaction, enter your MPIN. 
    3. A confirmation appears that states that the mandate has reserved funds in your bank account. 
      • The funds are removed from your bank once the mandate status updates to 'executed'. 
      • You can view your mandate invoice in 'All transactions'. 

    Note: You must enter the MPIN correctly the first time. Otherwise, the bank has to resend the mandate request. 

    Reject mandate

    To confirm the mandate request rejection, tap Reject and then Reject request. 


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