Booking a train ticket

You can book train tickets directly via the Google Pay app.

How to book a train ticket

To book a train ticket with Google Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Pay app.
  2. In the Business section, tap the Trains chat head. You can also search for 'trains' under the New section.
  3. Tap New ticket.
  4. Search for trains by origin, destination and date of travel. A list of available trains will be displayed.
    When searching for trains, you can enter a city name or the specific train station’s code or name. If a city has more than one station, all stations in the city will be included in your search.
  5. Find an available class of travel that you’d like, then tap Select. If you select a train different to the one that you searched for, a confirmation screen appears. Learn more about train classes.
  6. Confirm that the stations are correct, then tap OK.
  7. Enter your IRCTC user ID. If you don’t have an IRCTC account, tap Create account. Follow the instructions to create a user ID.
  8. Enter your passenger and contact information. If you plan to travel with other people or infants (children aged 5 and below), enter their information too.
    You can add up to 6 passengers and up to 2 infants per ticket booking. If you’re booking travel for more passengers or infants, you must book another ticket.
  9. Tap Continue.
  10. Confirm your booking information, including the fare breakdown.
    • If the information is correct, tap Continue.
    • If the information is incorrect, tap Edit trip. Update your information, then continue to the next step.
  11. Select a payment method, then tap Proceed to pay.
  12. Enter your UPI PIN. After your PIN is confirmed, you’re taken to the IRCTC website.
  13. Enter your IRCTC password and the CAPTCHA.
  14. Tap Submit. A confirmation screen appears.
    Note: If your booking was not confirmed, a notification appears on the next screen. To try to book a new ticket, tap Book new ticket. Then, repeat the above steps.
  15. Select your next step:
    • To schedule a return train, tap Book return ticket.
    • To save your ticket on your device, tap Download ticket. You can also share your ticket later.
    • To finish booking, tap the X icon.
Search results and availability may change from the time of booking. If there’s a change in availability, you’ll receive a Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) or wait list (WL) ticket.

After your ticket is confirmed, a confirmation also appears in your transaction history under the trains chat head. This confirmation includes all important details for your trip, including its PNR (passenger name record) number, current status and schedule, and an option to share your ticket. Learn more about ticket details

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