Share to Save on Google Pay

What is Share to Save & how can I use it?
You can use Share to Save to browse group deals from different merchants in Google Pay. You can also pay in advance to participate in the deal. If there are many users signing up for the deal, then the deal is offered to all participating users.

You can use Share to Save deals through the Google Pay landing page.

You can find Share to Save in 2 ways.

  • To join deals from different merchants and categories:
    1. On your device, open Google Pay app .
    2. Select Promotions and then Share to Save.
    3. To find the available deals from different merchants, choose a category for your preferred deal.
  • To join deals near your location:
    1. On your device, open Google Pay app .
    2. Select Business & bills.
    3. To find all available deals nearby, select Nearby.
What’s the status of my order?
Status in the app Description

Your order is pending

Your order is pending because we’re waiting for the group deal to close. The offer processing time is 2 days and the merchant shall be processing these orders only after successful closure of the deal.

Your order is confirmed

Your order is confirmed and waiting to be shipped by the merchant.

Your order is shipped

The merchant ships your order and should reach you soon.

Your order has been delivered

Your order has been delivered to you. If you’ve concerns with the post order support, contact the merchant.

If you’ve already contacted the merchant and the merchant wasn’t responsive, contact Google Pay support. 

Tip: Google Pay doesn’t have the visibility into the quality of products supplied or the tracking or shipping information. Google Pay support can help raise the concern with the merchant, but we can’t guarantee a callback from the merchant on your issue.
Can I cancel my order?

No. Order cancellation isn’t supported at the moment. 

How can I track the delivery status of my order?

You can track order state changes in the order card, but you can’t track real time delivery status of the order. For the real time update, you can contact the merchant. The merchant’s contact details are available in the "Share to Save" option. 

Who can I contact for the quality or quantity issues of my order?

To resolve any issues related to quality or quantity of the order you received, you can contact the merchant directly. The merchant’s contact details are available in the "Share to Save" option. Based on the return and refund policy stated in the offer, merchants will assist you on the issue. 

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