Use Cards and passes on Google Pixel

You can hold the power button on your phone to quickly access payment methods and passes that you've added to Google Pay.

Important: This feature is available for Google Pixel phones in all countries that support contactless payments, except for these countries and regions:

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Estonia
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Romania

Learn more about countries that support contactless payments.

View payment methods and passes

  1. Press and hold your phone's power button until a payment method or pass appears.
  2. To view other payment methods and passes, swipe right. If you have a lot of payment methods, tap View all.

Tip: If you don't see your cards or the option to add a payment method, follow the steps below to turn Cards and passes on.

Choose whether you can view Cards and passes when your phone is locked

  1. Open Settings Settings.
  2. Tap Privacy and then Lock screen.
  3. To view Cards and passes when your phone is locked, tap Show all notification content.
  4. To view Cards and passes only when your phone is unlocked, tap Show sensitive content only when unlocked.

Make a purchase

You can pay quickly and securely anywhere that you see the symbols  or Google Pay.

Important: You need to turn on contactless payments to pay in shops. Check whether your phone supports contactless payments.

  1. Press and hold the power button until your default payment method appears.
  2. You can also swipe right to view or select other payment methods for a purchase.
  3. Hold your phone close to the reader until a tick appears.

Learn more about how to use contactless payments.

Tip: If you don't have a payment method set up for contactless payments, learn how to add a payment method or how to turn on contactless payments for a saved payment method.

Turn Cards and passes on or off

Important: If this feature is turned off, you can use Google Pay for contactless payments as you normally would. Learn more about how to use contactless payments.

  1. Open Settings Settings.
  2. Tap System and then Gestures and then Cards and passes.
  3. To turn this feature on or off, tap the slider.

Tip: If you turn Cards and passes off, to view your payment methods open the Google Pay app and tap Payment.

Fix problems with Cards and passes

I don't see any payment methods or passes
This can happen for a few different reasons:

Cards and passes is turned off

  1. Open Settings Settings.
  2. Tap System and then Gestures and then Cards and passes.
  3. If the slider is set to off, tap it to turn it on.

Your phone is locked

You may need to unlock your phone to view Cards and passes. If you'd like to use Cards and passes when your phone is locked, follow the instructions above.

You're signed in to the wrong Google Account

  1. Hold the power button and tap Add a payment method or swipe right and tap View all.
  2. Tap your profile picture.
  3. Tap the Google Account that you want to use.

Google Pay isn't set as your default Tap and pay service

  1. Open Settings Settings.
  2. Tap Apps and notifications and then Advanced and then Special app access and then Tap & pay and then Payment default.
  3. Select Google Pay.
My preferred payment method doesn't appear first
In most cases, your default payment method appears when you hold the power button. If you have an important pass, such as for a flight, it may appear first.
To set a different payment method as your default:
  1. Hold the power button.
  2. Tap the payment method that you want to make default.
  3. Tap Make default.
My payment method appears in Google Pay but not in Cards and passes

Make sure that you set up contactless payments for your payment method.

If you add one or more payment methods to Google Pay, you can set up contactless payments.

  1. Open the Google Pay app Google Pay.
  2. At the bottom, tap Payment.
  3. Select a card or payment account.
  4. Tap Set up in-store payments.
    • You may need to enter the expiry date and CVC on the back of your card.

Tip: Some payment methods can't be set up for contactless payments. If this feature isn't supported by your card or bank yet, add a different payment method to make contactless payments.

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