Learn about Google Pay balance

Important: Only people in the US or UK can have a Google Pay balance.

When you receive money from friends or family, you can keep it in your Google Pay balance. You can use your Google Pay balance to:

Tip: Your Google Pay balance can't be used for in-store, transit, or any other online purchases other than Play Movies & TV.

View or withdraw your balance

  1. Go to pay.google.com.
  2. Select Payment methods. If you have a balance, you can find it here.
  3. Optional: Follow these steps to withdraw your balance.

Why you get Google Pay balance emails

If you have a Google Pay balance, you’ll get occasional Google Pay balance activity notification emails. We send these emails to make sure you check and recognize the transactions you’ve made with your Google Pay balance. Most Google Pay balances are automatically created when money is sent or received with Google Pay.

How often you receive emails depends on how often you use Google Pay. If you never use Google Pay, you’ll probably get these emails once every month or every three months.

Why you might get emails if you don’t have a balance

If you have a debit card or bank account information saved to your Google Account, you become eligible to use the feature of sending money to friends or family. We’re required to send an annual notice to all eligible users to help ensure that you understand our customer service and error resolution policy.

Why you can’t unsubscribe

You can't unsubscribe because we send these to you for certain legal reasons.

Report a transaction you didn’t make

If your statement has unauthorized payments sent from your account to someone else, contact us.

Find out how you can help protect your payment info.

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