As of June 15th, you can no longer send, request, receive, claim, or withdraw money with the old Google Pay app. For these features and more, download the new Google Pay app and visit for tips and support.

Set up screen lock to make contactless payments

To make contactless payments with Google Pay, you need to set up a screen lock on your device for your security.

Important: Screen lock is optional for e-money, QUICPay, and iD users in Japan.

You can unlock Google Pay with the following methods:

  • PIN
  • Pattern
  • Password
  • Fingerprint
  • Iris scan
  • 3D face unlock

Google Pay doesn't work with 2D face unlock or screen locks like Smart Unlock or Knock to Unlock.

Turn on screen lock

Learn how to set or change a screen lock.

You can use Google Pay for higher amounts without unlocking your phone, because some countries have increased their contactless card payment limits. The new limits will be implemented in early April 2020 and gradually roll out in certain countries.

Change how quickly your phone locks

Your phone can be used to pay when it's unlocked. For more security, make it lock faster.

  1. On your Android phone, open the Settings app Settings.
  2. Tap Lock screen & security and then Secure lock settings and then Lock automatically.
  3. Choose the amount of time for your screen to automatically lock.

No unlock needed for smaller payments

To make contactless payments, you need to unlock your phone. You won't need to unlock it for certain small payments.

Important: You can only make a limited amount of locked transactions before your phone will ask you to unlock it.

Payment limits on a locked device

Country Amount
Australia AUD 100
Belgium EUR 25
Brazil Unlock is required for all transactions except for transit.
Canada CAD 100
Chile 12,000 CLP for credit
Croatia 350 HRK
Czech Republic 500 CZK
Denmark 350 DDK
Finland EUR 25
France EUR 30
Germany EUR 50
Hong Kong HKD 1000
Ireland EUR 50
Italy EUR 25
Japan (VISA Touch) 10,000 JPY
New Zealand NZD 80
Norway 200 NOK
Poland PLN 100
Russia RUB 1000
Singapore S$200
Slovakia EUR 20
Spain EUR 50
Sweden 400 SEK
Switzerland 80 CHF
Ukraine 100 UAH for Mastercard
500 UAH for Visa
United Arab Emirates AED 300
United Kingdom GBP 45*
United States $50

*Important: The United Kingdom limit may vary for specific issuers. Learn about the United Kingdom’s supported payment methods.

Tip: Contactless payments with locked devices are accepted at merchant terminals. If you can’t pay with your locked device, try again with your device unlocked. For amounts above your country’s contactless limit, you can still use Google Pay. Simply unlock your phone and tap on the terminal. These high value transactions are also accepted at merchant terminals. 

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