Fix problems using Google Pay in stores

Important: Paying in stores with Google Pay is available on Android devices in select countries.

If you tried to use Google Pay in a store and couldn’t get it to work, find your issue below.

Device didn’t respond when you tapped

If you tried Google Pay and nothing happened on your phone or on the terminal, try again following these steps.

1. Wake up and unlock your phone

No need to open the Google Pay app.

2. Hold your phone a different way

Your phone NFC antenna may be at the top or bottom of your device. Try holding your phone a different way.

3. Hold your phone longer

Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the terminal to connect. Try holding your phone over the terminal until a green checkmark shows up on your phone screen.

4. Make sure Google Pay is your default payment app

If you have more than one payment app installed on your phone, Google Pay needs to be set as your default mobile payment app. When you pay in a store, the charge will only be made once by your default payment app.

To do this, go to your device’s Settings app and then Apps & notifications and then Advanced and then Default apps. Then, tap Tap & Pay and then Payment default and then select Google Pay.

5. Make sure the store accepts mobile payments

Ask the cashier if the store accepts payments from mobile apps. If they don’t, you need to use a physical card.

Device vibrated and showed a green check mark

Ask the cashier for help. Google Pay sent the payment info, but the retailer’s terminal had a problem accepting your payment. Try again at a different retailer.

Terminal asks for chip & PIN card

You need to use your physical card because the retailer requires the card for all chip and PIN purchases.

Terminal asks to present only one card

Try again, this time holding your phone’s NFC antenna closer to the terminal. The antenna is on the back of the phone, usually in the middle or near the top depending on your phone model. (Check your phone’s user guide for more information.)

Card declined

If your card is declined, contact your bank for help. To protect your info, Google’s customer service can’t see why your card was declined.

If you're using PayPal, confirm whether your PayPal card in the app is branded with MasterCard or Discover (US only). You need to use a contactless terminal that accepts the brand listed on your PayPal card in the app.

"This card can’t be used with Google Pay here" error

Try a different card. Private label cards can only be used at select retailers.

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