Require a Google PIN or fingerprint to send money

You can set up a Google PIN to make Google Pay more secure. After you add a PIN, you can set up fingerprint scan or FaceID (iOS devices).

Protect Google Pay with the Google PIN

Here's how to set up a Google PIN

Why use a Google PIN?

Setting up a Google PIN makes Google Pay more secure by asking for a code when you send, receive, or withdraw money. The code you choose is linked to your Google Account and can be used with other products (like Google Play).

Because the PIN is a number only you should know, it helps make sure other people can’t get access to your account. You don’t have to use the PIN, but we recommend it to help keep your account secure. If you already set up a Google PIN with Google Pay or another product, you’re all set.

Tip: Your Google PIN isn’t the same PIN you may have set up for phone security.

Manage your Google PIN

Turn PIN requirement on or off
  1. Open the Google Pay app Google Pay.
  2. To view security options when sending money, tap Menu Menu and then Settings and then Sending money.
  3. Turn on or off Require a confirmation.

Require a fingerprint to use Google Pay

If your phone supports fingerprint scanning, you can set Pay to ask for your fingerprint whenever you open the app.
  1. If you haven’t already done so:
    • Create a Google PIN.
    • Set up fingerprint ID on your device.
  2. Open the Google Pay app Google Pay.
  3. To view security options when sending money, tap Menu Menu​ and then Settings and then Sending money.
  4. Turn on Fingerprint.
  • Important: "Require a confirmation" must be turned on in order to turn on "Fingerprint," which can be turned off at anytime.
  • Tip: To send money to friends and family, follow these instructions.
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