To find out if your bank or card works for in-store purchases with Google Pay on your phone, use the information below. If you're looking for supported banks and cards in a different country, go to the list of all countries.

Note: To pay with Google Pay online or in apps, you can add any payment method accepted by Google Pay

Banks Supported cards Unsupported cards
Banco do Brasil Ourocard Visa Credit
Ourocard Visa Infinite Estilo
Ourocard Infinite Visa
Ourocard Platinum Estilo Visa
Ourocard Platinum Visa
Ourocard Visa Gold
Ourocard Visa International
Ourocard Visa Universitário
Ourocard Visa
Private Label Cards
Corporate Cards
Elo Cards
Caixa Visa Debit
MasterCard Debit
Credit Cards
Elo Cards
Porto Seguro MasterCard International
MasterCard Platinum
MasterCard Gold
MasterCard Black
Empresarial MasterCard International
Empresarial MasterCard Platinum
Visa International
Visa Gold
Visa Platinum
Visa Infinite
Neon Pagamentos Visa Debit  
Brasil Pré-Pagos PSCard PayWave
Mesada Capricho (Credit)
PS Card  (Credit)
Internacional Digital
Brasil Você    
Visa Platinum Travel Money
Visa Cargo
Credito Corporativo
Uso Geral
Banrisul Banrisul Visa Infinite
Banrisul Visa Platinum
Banrisul Visa Gold
Banrisul Visa Gold Servidor Público
Banrisul Visa Universitário
Banrisul Visa Classic
Banrisul Visa Classic Servidor Público
Banrisul Visa Pré-Pago Vero
Mastercard Black
Mastercard Platinum
Mastercard Gold
Mastercard Gold Servidor Público 
Mastercard Universitário 
Mastercard Standard
Mastercard Standard Servidor Público
Mastercard Consignado INSS

Banrisul MasterCard Business


Visa Gold Credit 
Visa Infinite Credit 
Visa International Credit 
Visa National Credit 
Visa Platinum Credit
Visa Smiles Internacional Credit
Visa Smiles Gold Credit
Visa Smiles Platinum Credit
Visa Smiles Infinite Credit

Debit Cards
MasterCard Cards
Elo Cards
Private Label Cards
Next Visa Next International
Visa Next Gold
Visa Next Platinum
Itaú Unibanco

Itaucard (pure credit)
Debit Cards

Pre-paid Cards

Why some cards can't be added in the app to pay in stores

Your bank decides if its cards will work with Google Pay. Banks may restrict certain or all of its cards from making mobile payments.

If your bank isn't listed or your card can't be set up for mobile payments, call the phone number on the back of your card to offer your bank feedback.


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