How to run a Mobile Sites certification study group

People often find it easier to learn together rather than do pure self study. This guide will give you ideas on how you can bring people together to run a study group in your company or community. We’ve found that blocking out time to run through the course material significantly increases course completion.

These can be run in a company setting where you might encourage your web developers to attend the course, or alternatively in a developer community meetup setting.

How to run a half day event

The format is approximately 3-4 hours for people to run through the online materials, followed by up to 90 minutes of multiple choice questions. Participants generally run through the content individually at their own pace, and may occasionally ask questions if something isn’t clear. Do make sure that there is a facilitator who has already passed the certification to support.

  1. Announce the event. If you’re in a company, email your audience and add a calendar invite for the event. If you’re in a meetup, consider introducing it using a version of these slides and using email/social channels to drive up participation. Ensure that participants bring their own laptops and you have wifi. You may also wish to arrange drinks and catering for the event.
  2. Welcome the attendees and ask everyone to sign up to take part. Also let us know if you’re organizing one so we can help if you have questions and understand how to make this work better.
  3. Run through the e-learning guide and answer questions as people raise them.
  4. Optional: View the Mobile Sites Certification livestream as a refresher. There is also a study guide you can refer to (which is also localized to a variety of languages).
  5. Encourage people to take the exam when they’re ready and ensure that they don’t receive help in answering the questions.
  6. You may want to be ready to print out certificates for those that are successful on the day and celebrate with them. If you do, consider having card A4 paper for the printer.
  7. Encourage those who have completed to continue their learning journey, particularly with Progressive Web Apps.
  8. For those who do not make the 80% pass mark, they can retake the exam but must wait at least 8 days. Do encourage them to complete, and follow up with them after a pre-agreed re-take time. We want to help and encourage as many people as we can.

Here is a sample agenda:

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