About company specializations

Company specializations are a way to recognize and differentiate agencies with specific product expertise in certain areas. This article explains how companies can earn specializations and how specializations are displayed.


Specializations recognize companies that earn Partner status and demonstrate increased performance and product expertise in AdWords products. These specializations are displayed on company profiles and on the Partner badges. You can use specializations to help win business and differentiate yourself in the market based on your company's specific skills.

How to earn specializations

Specializations are given based on criteria including certifications, spend, and company performance in the specialization product area.

Read on to learn more about each criteria.


The certification requirement is determined based on the number of individuals who are affiliated with your company's Partners profile and who are AdWords certified. To meet the requirement, your company needs at least 1 affiliated individual to be certified in the specialization product area.

To become AdWords certified, an individual needs to pass the AdWords Fundamentals assessment and one of the additional advertising assessments that are available through Academy for Ads. The additional assessments are Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising.

To make sure that an individual's assessment counts toward your company's certification requirement, you'll want to check the following:

  • Affiliation: An individual's Partners profile is affiliated with your company's Partner profile. To do so, the individual needs to search for your company in the "Company affiliation" section on their Partner profile page and follow the steps.
  • Academy for Ads account information: An individual's Academy for Ads account information, including their name, valid exams, and valid certifications, need to be shared with your company. To do so, the individual needs to go to the "My profile" section in Academy for Ads and make sure their account information is being shared with your company.


Your company needs to demonstrate expertise in the specialization product area. A number of things are evaluated to determine your company’s level of product expertise, including how you're implementing the AdWords product for your clients, if you're growing your usage in the product area, if you're retaining your clients in that product area, and other related factors. To assess your company's overall performance, the client accounts linked to your manager account during an 18-month period are evaluated. Additionally, there needs to be at least 12 months of spend activity in your manager account.


To meet the spend requirement, your company needs to have at least $10,000 USD (or local currency equivalent) in 90-day AdWords spend in the specialization product area. Keep in mind that if a client account is linked and unlinked to your company's manager account during this 18-month period, we'll only count the spend that occurred when the account was linked.

Company specialization icons

If you qualify for a specialization in one of the product areas, you'll notice the icons in your Partner or Premier Partner badge.


Search advertising

Search Advertising

Mobile advertising

Mobile Advertising

Video advertising

Video Advertising

Display advertising

Display Advertising

Shopping advertising

Shopping Advertising

How company specializations show on the Partner badges

On online properties (like your website), your company specializations appear as an animated pop-up when a user hovers over the top right of the badge. Each specialization has its own icon.

In printed marketing materials (like business cards), the specializations will be listed below the badge in text, without an icon.

Please see the badge usage guidelines for more details.

How to check your specialization status

Note that only admins of a Partners company profile can access the "Partner status" and "AdWords" pages.

  1. Sign in to your Partners account and click the AdWords page from the left navigation. Scroll down to the "Specializations" section.
  2. Each product specialization will have its own card with more details about its status. On each card, you'll see if your company has met the performance, spend, and certification requirements to earn that specialization.

What your specialization status means

Specialization status What it means

The bar across the top of a product area's card will be grey if your company needs to meet the performance, spend, or certification requirement.

The requirements that need to be met will be grey. For example, if your company doesn't have enough certified individuals, then the certification number will be grey.

Green The bar across the top of a product area's card will be green if your company has earned that specialization.

The bar across the top of a product area's card will be yellow if your company is at risk of losing the specialization. This means that your company has stopped meeting one or more of the requirements and needs to do so to keep the specialization.

The requirements that need to be met will be yellow or grey. For example, if your company is no longer meeting the spend requirement, the spend amount will be yellow. If your company is no longer meeting the performance requirement, the bar chart will be grey.

Frequently asked questions

When your company could be at risk of losing a specialization

As mentioned above in the status table, your company could be at risk of losing a specialization if it stops meeting one or more of the specialization requirements. You'll get a reasonable amount of time to meet the requirements and re-qualify for the specialization.

Keep in mind that we may periodically update specialization qualifications, so you'll want to take note of any notifications about your specialization status that appear in your account.

Losing a specialization

If your company isn't able to meet the specialization requirements, it will lose the following benefits:

  • Rights to advertise specializations
  • Listing of specialization on the Partner badge
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