Certification basics

A certification in AdWords demonstrates that you've mastered Google advertising best practices.

By getting certified, you can:

  • Help your company become a Google Partner
  • Show others that you know your stuff
  • Stay up to date on Google's best practices

How do I get certified?

To get certified, join Google Partners and then:

  1. Pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam and
  2. Pass at least one of the following advanced exams:


You can take the exams for free when you sign up for Partners.

What's the difference between a certified individual and a Google Partner?

A certified individual is a member of Google Partners who has earned a certification in AdWords.

A Google Partner is a company which has qualified for the Google Partner badge, in part by connecting with at least one certified individual.

What happens to my certification when I leave a company?

Don't worry—when you leave a company, your individual certification goes with you. After all, you earned it.