About Google Partner Search and client leads

Google Partner Search is a unique tool that helps prospective clients find Google Partners companies that can meet their business needs and manage their AdWords accounts. To be eligible to appear on Google Partner Search, companies need to qualify for Google Partner status and earn the Google Partner or Premier Partner badge.

This article explains how Google Partner Search works and common questions about the tool.

Before you begin

If you aren't familiar with how to earn the Partner badge, review "How to earn the Google Partner badge."

About Google Partner Search

Eligibility requirements

Here the requirements to be eligible for Google Partner Search:

  • Offer online advertising services, such as AdWords account management, online marketing plans, or website enhancement.
  • Achieve Partner status and earn the Partner or Premier Partner badge.
  • Have a Partners company profile that's set to appear on Partner Search. To check the status of your agency's company profile, an admin for the profile should go to the "My company" page and navigate to the "Profile Visibility" section. In that section, the "Include my company profile in Google Partner Search" checkbox should be selected.

How Google Partner Search works

Google Partner Search matches prospective clients to a Partner based on a number of factors, including desired services, monthly budget, location, language, and industry.

Here's how it works:

  1. A prospective client goes to Google Partner Search and selects whether they need help with advertising online, a website, or both.
  2. Then, we'll ask for the prospective client's website, a well as the location where they'd prefer an agency be located. Based on this information, we'll show a list of matching Partners.
  3. The prospective client can refine the results by entering a minimum monthly budget, their industry, services they'd like to receive, and languages they'd like an agency to support.
  4. The prospective client can then contact a Partner through Google Partner Search. The admin for a Partner's company profile will get an email notification with the lead's contact information and business needs.
  5. Someone should then respond to the prospective client in a timely fashion.

How a Partner's position in Google Partner Search is determined


When determining a Partner's position in Google Partner Search, the number of specializations earned are now included. Read the information below to learn more about how Google Partner Search works.

Your position in Google Partner Search is determined by a number of factors, including the following:

  • Certifications earned
  • Specializations earned
  • Company performance
  • Services offered and industries supported
  • Minimum and maximum monthly budget supported
  • Office locations

To improve the chance of appearing higher in the results, you should focus on the following:

  • Deliver strong Google ads revenue to maximize your clients’ campaign performance.
  • Earn the five AdWords specializations.
  • Get individuals affiliated with your company AdWords, Analytics, and Mobile Sites certified.
  • Set a minimum and maximum budget amount. Note that you can set a minimum of $0 USD if you don't have a minimum monthly budget requirement.

Managing client leads and your company profile

Client leads

Here are some tips for managing the prospective clients that contact you through Google Partner Search:

  • Educate and turn leads into clients by using the pitch resources in the Insights section of your Partners account.
  • Use AdWords promotional offers to help turn leads into clients.
  • Only take on clients that you can give the time and attention they will need to succeed.

Keep in mind that if you demonstrate that you're successfully turning the leads that you receive through Google Partner Search into clients, you’ll receive more leads over time.

Company profile

Here are some tips to help make sure your company profile includes the information we need to connect you to prospective clients using Google Partner Search:

  • Make sure you've set a minimum budget in the "Services" section of the "My company" page in your Partners account.
  • Select the "Include my company profile in Google Partner Search" checkbox in the "Profile Visibility" section of your "My company" page.

Common questions about your Google Partner Search listing

Can't find your company on Google Partner Search

As previously mentioned, only companies that have qualified for Partner status and earned the Partner or Premier Partner the Partner badge are eligible to appear in Google Partner Search. Check with the admin of your company profile to see if it qualifies for Partner status. If your company hasn't met the qualifications, it won't appear in the Google Partner Search results.

If your company has earned Partner status but isn't listed in the Google Partner Search results, review the tips included above on managing clients leads and your company profile.

Information on your Google Partner Search profile is incorrect

To change the information on your Google Partner Search profile, the admin for your company profile can go to the "My company" page and edit the information in each of the following sections: "Basic information," Locations," or "Services."

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If your company has offices in multiple locations, you can add its name and profile description in different languages in the "Basic information" section. You can add the offices' addresses in the "Locations" section.
  • We use the logo that appears on your company's Google+ page as the logo for your Google Partner Search profile page. If you want to change your logo, you can do so by adding a Google+ page URL in the "Basic information" section of the "My company" page. If you've already added a Google+ URL page, you'll need to change the logo on that page in order to change the logo on your Google Partner Search profile page.
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