How to access promotional offers in Partners

Companies can access AdWords promotional offers through Google Partners. If your company is eligible for promotional offers, you'll be able to directly apply a promotional code to an eligible AdWords account or generate a promotional offer that you can email to a prospective client.

Before you begin

If you aren't familiar with promotional offers or the requirements to access them, review our article on AdWords promotional offers before getting started. Also, note that in some countries, promotional offers might not be available or might have limited functionality due to local regulations.


Google Partners Promotional Offers Demo

Note that the "Send to prospect" feature that's included in this video has been replaced by the ability to generate promotional offers.

How to apply promotional offers to eligible accounts

  1. Sign in to your Partners account.
  2. Click Promotions in the "Clients" section of the navigation bar. You'll see a list of AdWords accounts (these are accounts linked to your company's AdWords manager account) that are eligible for the promotional offer. For each account, the promotional offer is the one available for that account's billing country.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the accounts that you'd like to apply the promotional code to.
  4. Click Apply to selected.
  5. The promotional code that's linked to the promotional offer will automatically be entered into the selected accounts. Next, the recipient will need to fulfill the requirement to get the credit.


  • The accounts will be sorted by their eligibility deadline, which is the number of days that are remaining before the account is no longer eligible for a promotional offer.
  • To see all of the accounts that are eligible for promotions, click Show all at the bottom of the table.
  • Add names to accounts that are labeled "unnamed account" to better monitor all of your client accounts. To do so, sign in to your AdWords manager account, click Accounts in the navigation bar, and then click the Performance tab. Click the pencil icon next to the unnamed account, enter an account name, and click Save.

How to generate promotional offers

  1. Sign in to your Partners account.
  2. Click Promotions in the "Clients" section of the navigation bar.
  3. Click the Generate promotional offers link to get a promotional offer that you can send to a prospective client.
  4. Select your client's AdWords billing country from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Generate offer.
  6. Click Copy to copy the promotional offer description, promotional code, and terms and conditions. You can then send this information to a prospective client. You’re free to pitch the offer however you’d like, but please note that you must include a complete and unaltered copy of the promotional offer and terms and conditions in order for the promotion to be valid.
  7. To get additional promotional offers, click Generate another offer.


  • Use promotional offers only for accounts that meet the requirements listed on the "Promotions" page in your Partners account and in the terms and conditions.
  • Promotional offers can't be applied to your company's own AdWords accounts.
  • Please be sure to read our terms and conditions for promotional codes. If you violate these policies, we may suspend your access to promotional codes and your client's AdWords account.

How to check the status of your promotional offers

After you apply a promotional code to an eligible account or email one to a prospective client, you can check its status by clicking Recent activity in the "Promotions" section of your Partners account.

Follow these steps to check the status:

  1. Sign in to your Partners account at
  2. Click Promotions in the "Clients" section of the navigation bar.
  3. Click Recent activity.
  4. You'll see a list of all the recipients who received a promotional offer from you, either by applying the promotional code directly to the recipient's account or emailing it.
  5. For each recipient, there will be a link that takes you to their AdWords account, the country for which the promotional offer is valid, the promotional code, who applied the promotional code, the date that the promotional offer was applied or sent, the current status of the promotional offer, and the date that status was set.

What each status means

Depending on how you distributed the promotional offer, you'll see a specific status update. Here's what each status means:

Distribution method Status What it means What happens next
Sent to a prospective client Distributed The promotional offer was sent to the recipient. For example, you'll see this status when you email a promotional offer to a prospective client. The recipient needs to enter the promotional code into their AdWords account.
Directly applied
Sent to a prospective client
Applied The promotional code was either directly applied to the recipient's account or it was entered into the recipient's account after being sent. The recipient needs to meet the requirements of the promotional offer before the credit is applied. The recipient's AdWords campaign needs to run at least until they've spent the amount mentioned in the promotional offer. When the requirement is met, the recipient will see a credit on the billing pages of their account.
Directly applied
Sent to a prospective client
Completed The requirements of the promotional offer were met and the promotional credit was applied. The credit will appear on the billing pages of the recipient's account. You should continue to optimize the recipient's account, implementing the best practice recommendations shown in your Partners account.
Directly applied
Sent to a prospective client
Terms not met The promotional code was entered into the recipient's account, but the promotional offer expired before the requirements were met. This recipient can't receive any additional promotional offers because they're limited to one per customer.
Directly applied Error We weren't able to apply the promotional offer to the recipient's account. There could be several reasons why, such as the account has already used a promotional code or the account was been canceled. Check the recipient's AdWords account and confirm that it's eligible to receive promotional offers. For example, confirm that the account was created within the last 14 days or that a promotional code hasn't been applied to it before. If the account appears to be eligible, go to your Partners account, refresh the page, and try applying the promotional offer again.

Frequently asked questions

Why don't I have any promotional offers?

Here are a few reasons why you might not have any promotional offers:

  • None of the accounts linked to your AdWords manager account are eligible for promotional offers.
  • Your company has reached the maximum number of promotional offers we provide at a given time. If you aren't able to generate any promotional offers, check your account later because we refresh them periodically.

How do I fix a promotional offer issue

If there's something wrong with a promotional code that's been applied to an account, you or your client can use this AdWords Help Center guide to figure out why.

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