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Create multiple ad variations

Display ads offer so many options that you may need to experiment with different templates, colors, and content to get the best results. Creating multiple ad variations can help you identify the combinations that work best for your campaign.

  • Change color schemes: Changes to the background and font colors of display ads can dramatically increase clickthrough rates (CTRs), which can lead to more impressions and more conversions. Set up your ad, then choose that same template again, change colors, save it in the same ad group, and then let the variations compete against each other. You can then pause the ads that are doing poorly, leaving the best color combinations to lead your campaign.
  • Try new templates: Performance can vary widely by template. Consider trying out templates with images, no images, various types of animations, and no animations. Minor differences in layout and animations can have large impacts on clickthrough rates (CTRs), depending on your product or service.
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