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Video Advertising exam study guide

Optimization strategies & best practices for video content on YouTube

Video is a powerful medium to reach users through sight, sound and motion. In order to optimize the performance of your video on YouTube, consider the following best practices:

  • Understand that users come to YouTube to learn, watch and be entertained. As such, create videos that feature original content.

  • You are the expert on your industry, product or service. Try creating videos that teach and engage the YouTube community on your expertise.

  • Keep your message simple and concise. A good benchmark is to try to keep your video to two minutes or less.

  • Use the Audience retention report to see which parts of videos keep your users most engaged. Based upon user engagement data, optimize your video content to keep users watching.

  • Update your content on a regular basis. The YouTube users who have been successful keep their message fresh with regular updates to their channel.

  • Read user comments on your own and similar video and channel pages for ideas.
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