Display inventory and ad formats on the Google Display Network

Display inventory and ad formats on the Google Display Network

Display Inventory

Display inventory on the Google Display Network can come from one of two sources: AdSense or the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

  • AdSense: AdSense publishers are the primary source of inventory on the Google Display Network, serving text, display, and video ads from Google Ads on their sites. Publishers determine the type and size of ads they want to allow on their site, and then Google delivers ads that are relevant to their content through either contextual or placement targeting.
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange: Select inventory from the DoubleClick Ad Exchange is also part of the Google Display Network. All advertisers who are opted in to the Display Network [limited to certain regions] have access to DoubleClick Ad Exchange inventory. This allows your ads to appear on numerous DoubleClick Ad Exchange publisher sites in addition to those available through Google AdSense.

Ad Formats

The following display ad types are eligible to show on the Google Display Network:

  • Text Ads: These are the most basic type of ads. They can be created directly in your Google Ads account, and are often referred to as "sponsored links."
  • Image Ads: Google Ads image ads are graphical ads that can be static (motionless) or animated. You can create and upload your own image ads, or use the Ad Gallery, formerly known as the display ad builder, to create one. Image ads can also be served by any certified third party ad server.
  • Video Ads: Online video is one of the largest areas of media consumption, with an audience of hundreds of millions who are open and accustomed to advertising in video content. Google Ads allows you to reach and engage this audience with video placements and ads, which can be uploaded directly into the Google Ads interface or served by a certified third party ad server.
  • Rich Media Ads: Rich media ads allow you to more actively engage a web user than standard text or display formats. Rich media ads include video ads, Flash animated ads, and ads that mix text and animated content and designs. You can easily create these types of ads using the Ad Gallery, or you can use existing rich media assets served through a third party ad server.
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