Known issues in Orkut

Profile Settings & Profile Problems

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The number counter is off -- the number of scraps, community members, etc is wrong

Some users see an incorrect number of friends, scraps, unread messages, community members, or photos in their profile. The numbers in your profile are automatically generated and can't be manually changed. However, this incorrect number doesn't affect the actual content of your friends list, scrapbook, community, or album. Most users report that this problem goes away on its own in a few days.

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I'm seeing the error- 'You're temporarily unable to perform this action. Try again later.'

To prevent spam, orkut has limited how many actions you can perform in a certain amount of time. If you're trying to send many scraps, add a lot of friends, or post a lot of topics and events during a short period of time, you might see this message. If you haven't performed many repeated actions, your computer may have a virus. You can install a good antivirus and keep your computer safe.

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Emoticons in scraps aren't showing

We are already of this issue. Make sure to locate and click the “show more” message in the end of the post to visualize all the content.

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Orkut apps shows old profile picture for linked profiles

Some apps are showing the profile photo used before linking it with Google+. Try reverting it temporarily and, then, add the same photo you use in your Google profile. Once you are done you can reconnect your profiles.

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Visible email in the Orkut Bar doesn't reflect the primary account email

We are already of this issue. Meanwhile, you may use your Orkut account normally.

Issues with Communities

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My profile or community is not appearing in the Orkut search results

Note that it takes at least 24 hours from creation/edit for your profile or community to be indexed in orkut's search results. However, if you notice that it does not show up even after 48 hours in spite of you entering the correct search keywords please vote for this issue below.

Also it will be even easier for us to investigate if you share the details about your search here.

Security & Improper Content

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All my profile contents have been changed without my involvement

This means you either got phished by entering your account information in some other phishing site or you copy pasted a malicious code (javascript) into your browser that helped someone else steal your account information.

First change your password. Remember to use strong passwords and secret questions that others would not be able to guess! Next, remove all the information (links, pictures etc) that was entered into your profile while it was taken over. If there is any leftover information your profile stands the risk of getting deleted. Also, check for communities that have been added to your profile without your knowledge and unjoin them.

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My profile is marked as unsafe

If we come across profiles that we suspect contain inappropriate content, Orkut may temporarily mark your profile as "unsafe" and ask you to verify your identity. Repeatedly marked profiles may not be able to unmark as unsafe.