Add or remove apps from your profile

Apps Basics

Orkut apps (applications) are a fun way to customize your profile by adding games, music, and much more. These apps use your existing Orkut connections to allow you to find new ways to have fun and communicate with your friends on Orkut.

Although all apps are created by third-party developers, apps are integrated into your Orkut profile.

Add apps to your Orkut profile

Adding apps to your Orkut profile is easy. All apps are listed under the Application Directory. To quickly access it, go to your Orkut homepage, click applications and select add applications.

From here, you can search for any available app, browse the most popular ones, check the apps your friends have added, and the newest apps on Orkut. You can also read more about each app and see how other users rate them.

If you'd like to add an app to your Orkut profile, click on the app for more information. From here just click Add Application.

Note that when you add an application it will be added to your profile and your friends may start receiving updates in their "Friend updates" section about your activities in that app. If you want to disable these updates, just uncheck the option "Post updades to my friends" above the Add Application button, at anytime from the app's page.

Remove apps from your Orkut profile

You can easily remove any app by clicking the trash can icon ("remove this app") in the upper-right hand corner of the app page.

If you decide you want an app back, just add it again following the steps above.