Common signs of phishing

About phishing

Phishing is a method used by fraudsters to try to get your personal information, such as your username and password, by pretending to be part of a site you trust. If you suddenly start receiving abnormal bulletins or messages from a friend, their emails and account information might have been phished. Check to make sure these messages are really from your friends before opening any files or clicking on any links. If you think you or a friend are a victim of phishing, change your password immediately, alert your friend, and scan your computer with an updated antivirus program.

Common signs of malicious web addresses

  • A malicious site is one which looks like Orkut but the web address doesn't look like an Orkut or Google addresses (that is, or is not what goes immediately before the forward slash). Note that a site is not necessarily safe just because it says "Orkut" or "Google" somewhere in the address.
  • Any sites that try to look like Orkut but have the following in their web address: "host", "free", "flooder", "sites", "blogger", "blogspot", etc.
  • If you clicked a link in an email, verify that the web address in your browser is the same as the address that was shown in the email.

Typical signs of phishing

  • Your Orkut profile has sent scraps or messages that you didn't write.
  • You've lost ownership of a community.
  • There are changes to your profile description that you didn't make.
  • You have the correct username and password, but you're still unable to login to your account.

If you've run into one of the problems above, your Google Account may be compromised and your computer may be infected with a virus. If you can still access your account, change your password immediately. Otherwise, you can report this issue to our team. You can also follow some safety tips to keep your account secure in the future.

If you suspect your computer's security has been compromised by a virus, spyware or adware, you can download free applications to resolve the situation. Learn how to prevent viruses and spyware.

NOT signs of phishing

  • You can't remember your password.
  • Some of your content isn't counted correctly (e.g. wrong number of scraps, friends, communities).
  • Your profile or community isn't appearing in the search results.
  • You deleted your profile, but it's still up for some time.

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