Unable to perform actions on Orkut

As part of our effort to curb spam and viruses on our site, Orkut has limited how many actions (scraps, friend requests, topics, events, etc.) you can perform in a certain amount of time. If you perform one of these actions enough times in one day, you'll see a word verification box for subsequent attempts, as long as you haven't yet reached the limit. If you do exceed our current limits, you'll see this error message: "You are temporarily unable to perform this action. Try again later."

If you encounter the word verification box or the temporary block when you're performing an action for the first time in a 24-hour period, your computer may have been infected by a worm or virus. We encourage all users to install an anti-virus and use it to run virus and spyware scans on your computer. You can also read more about how to prevent viruses and how to safeguard your account.