Rich-content scraps

If you're having problems with a rich-content scrap, read through the following errors and restrictions:

  • Note that there's currently a 5000 character limit for scraps.
  • If only part of a scrap is showing, the content you're trying to add has been blocked by Orkut. You might also be using a tag or code that isn't allowed. The rest of the scrap will appear normally.
  • If your scrap containing a Flash embed isn't appearing, the site you're trying to insert content from is blocked by Orkut. You'll see this error message: "This rich-content scrap wasn't posted."
  • You need to be friends with someone to send that person a rich-content scrap.
  • You can use the following file formats for images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.
  • New line characters will be converted to into HTML <br/> tags, which can break the look of pasted HTML.

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