Report impersonation on Orkut

To file an impersonation claim, you must demonstrate that you are the person being impersonated. To be considered impersonation, the profile pretending to be you will likely need to have a name matching (or very similar to) your legal name.

Be aware that Orkut provides a platform for its users to post and share information, and we're not in a position to determine the accuracy of the material posted by others. As such, if you find a profile pretending to be you, you may want to contact the author of this impersonating profile to request that he or she remove it.

We can only process complaints made by the person who is being impersonated. If you found a profile that's impersonating a friend or family member, we'll be unable to remove it unless that person contacts us through the report of impersonation described below.

Additionally, we cannot take action if you don't attach a valid photo ID when required to do so (e.g. driver's license, national ID card, student ID etc).

Required information

To expedite our ability to process your request, you will need to include the following information in the online form provided below:

  1. Your legal name
  2. Your email address
  3. The name on your Orkut profile (if you have one)
  4. The web address for your Orkut profile (if you have one)
  5. The name of the Orkut profile that is impersonating you
  6. The web address of the Orkut profile that is impersonating you
  7. Any additional details that support your claim

If you can provide all of the requirements listed above, please fill out an impersonation form.