Report abusive content

We will always remove material that violates the law or that clearly violates our policies when we have received a report that such material exists. Before submitting a complaint we encourage you to read our Content Policy and Terms of Service to learn more about our policies.

After reviewing it carefully, we may also remove content deemed offensive, harmful or dangerous, such as:

  • Hateful language
  • Promotion of dangerous and illegal activity
  • Victims of phishing or account hijacking
  • Content facilitating phishing or account hijacking
  • Objectionable or false user identity

Additionally, we're aware that there may be content on Orkut that is personal in nature or feels invasive. Nonetheless, we can't be the judge of all that is good or right, so there are some things that will be left to a judge in a court of law to decide. Here are some examples of content we will not remove unless provided with a court order:

  • Shocking or distasteful imagery or language
  • Political or social satire

Reporting abuse to us

If you're certain that you found content violating the law or our policies, you can report it by clicking report abuse on the left menu of the page. The report abuse feature is designed to let users easily notify us when they believe there may be violating content on Orkut.

Additionally, individual report spam buttons are also available for profile owners and community owners or moderators who want to report spam on their scrapbook or community forum.

What happens when you report abusive content

When you click report abuse and submit an issue, we automatically receive a notification, and your identity remains confidential. If based on the report we are able to discover that the content violates the law or our policies, we may immediately remove it and report any necessary information to the appropriate authorities.

After reviewing your report, our team will send a message to the email address associated with your Orkut account informing only you of our decision.

We don't actively monitor content on Orkut

Note that we don't actively review content that users post on Orkut. As you can imagine, it would be nearly impossible to keep up with all the millions of new photos, community posts, and changes to user profiles that happen every day. Additionally, reviewing newly written posts, photos and profiles would dampen the organic growth essential to a social network.

We expect our users to be responsible for their actions on Orkut and to treat other users with respect. When there is a breach of conduct, however, we rely on you to help us keep Orkut safe by notifying us through the report abuse option.

We believe in providing you with the tools to deal with annoying behavior or persistent users on Orkut, as well as providing you with transparent policies. Check out the links below to learn more on these policies:

Orkut policies

Privacy features

Security features