Content ownership on Orkut

We encourage users to post information freely to Orkut, such as personal images and text. When you submit content to Orkut, we simply display it on the site. Orkut does not claim any ownership right to the information that you post on profiles and communities. When you submit content to Orkut, we use it to display the content on the site and to other members according to your preferences. You may edit, remove or limit the people who can view the content at any time.

Also be assured that Orkut doesn't use your email address for any purpose other than sending out Orkut invitations and notices. We find spam very annoying and are committed to keeping your email address safe.

We may, however, analyze the types of information submitted to Orkut to determine how our members use the site and how we can improve our service. We also review all reports of abuse we receive from our users, and we may remove any content we find to be in violation of the law or our policies.

If you're concerned about any content on Orkut, we ask that you first attempt to contact the content's owner by visiting the profile and sending a scrap. If you're concerned about a community posting or topic, contact the owner of the community directly as that person has the ability to remove content from the communities. If the content owner is unresponsive to your request, we suggest you review our Content Policy and Terms of Service to determine if you should use our report abuse feature.

Other privacy features