Image upload and removals policy

We encourage all Orkut users to take advantage of the image upload features to upload their coolest personal pictures.

Just don't forget:

  • Everything you upload has to follow our upload policies. The details are below, but the gist is that you can't upload any pornographic images.
  • You should be comfortable having others see or re-post your images. You may also want to use our album privacy feature to restrict who's allowed to see your album.

Removal policy

Our Content Policy prohibits images containing nudity, graphic sex acts, sexually explicit material, or content that is otherwise deemed explicit by the Orkut team. We also don't allow content that drives traffic to commercial pornography sites or that promotes pedophilia, incest, or bestiality. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against child sexual abuse imagery, including animated or graphic cartoon images of child abuse.

When flagging an image as abuse, keep in mind that Orkut is a community for millions of people from around the world. Since everyone has varied opinions on what constitutes a pornographic image, please report only the images that violate these guidelines:

  • Images displayed on Orkut shouldn't contain nudity, profanity, or sexually graphic material. This currently includes, but is not limited to, frontal nudity for men or women, as well as depictions of sex acts. Certain cartoons, medical or scientific pictures, or works of art may be exempt.
  • Don't upload images of cartoons or artwork unless you have the rights to distribute such material. Likewise, don't upload images of celebrities to which you don't hold the rights.
  • We will remove all images that violate the law, such as child abuse.

Profiles or communities containing such images will be permanently removed without warning or prior notification. We will also remove any images someone copies from an Orkut photo album or another photo site if the images aren't within the public domain or the person doesn't have the rights to use these images.

Reporting a violation

To report an image violating our policies, click Report abuse on the left menu of the page.

We take all reports into account when enforcing our image policies. If you've reported an image and continue to see it on Orkut after a few business days, it's likely that it did not meet our conditions for removal.

If somebody is using a picture that you originally uploaded, we suggest that you directly contact the individual who posted it. Unless the image violates our policies, we're not able to remove photos if you don't own the copyright to them.

Copyrighted material

To report content that is using an image to which you own the copyright, refer to our Copyrighted Material Policy.


If someone is using your photo and name to impersonate you (a fake profile pretending to be you), you can file an impersonation form.

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