How to create an Orkut community

Orkut communities are places for people to get together and talk about the interests they share. Learn how create a new one.

  1. Click communities from the header at the top of any Orkut page.
  2. Click the create community button.
  3. Fill in the details about your community and click create community.
  4. Enter the text as shown in the word verification box and click confirm.
  5. Your community is there! You may want to change its privacy and feature settings by clicking settings on the left menu of your new community page.

There's a limit of 1000 communities an user can join. Besides, there's another limit of 100 communities an user can create. When you create a community, you also join the communitiy. So, if you joined 950 communities and created 50 communities, you won't be able to join or create another communitiy until you delete or unjoin some.

New communities are public by default. If you want to create a hidden community, change the privacy settings by clicking settings on the community's left menu.

Note that new communities may not show up in the search results for approximately 48 hours. Also, in hidden communities only members of the community can view the content.