Spam on Orkut

Due to the popularity and open nature of Orkut, we realize that some users may receive unwanted messages in their profiles. We've also received reports of unscrupulous businesses sending hoax messages with forged Orkut return addresses. Be assured that we're constantly striving to eliminate spam and unsolicited messages, both on and off of Orkut.

If you received an email that appears to be from an Orkut address that asks you to download something or implies your account is violating our policies, just disregard it. Neither Orkut nor Google will ever send unsolicited mass messages asking for passwords or personal information. Nor will we ever send messages containing executable attachments or linking to downloadable files.

You may also receive messages from your friends that say Orkut will remove your profile for suspicious activity or claiming that Orkut will be a paid service. Neither of these claims is true, and you can safely always disregard these messages. Orkut is a free service, and there are no plans to charge our users.

We realize that some users may send you unsolicited messages. You can easily prevent other users from sending you scraps, messages, friend requests, or invitations by adding them to your ignore list.

Finally, if you find someone using Orkut for commercial purposes, such as sending unwanted commercial messages, let us know by reporting abuse following the steps below:

  1. Visit the person's profile.
  2. Click report abuse on the left menu.

You can also report individual spammy scraps by clicking spam next to the unwanted scrap. The scrap will be immediately removed from your scrapbook and the Orkut team will investigate.

Your spam folder

The Orkut spam folder allows you to see the items (scraps, messages, friend requests, etc.) that Orkut has classified as spam and removed in our continuing efforts to keep Orkut beautiful.

To access the spam folder, go to your Orkut homepage, mouse over more and select spam.

Orkut uses Google's innovative technology to keep spam off Orkut, but if you find something that is not spam, check the box next to it and click the not spam button. Doing so will remove the item from your spam folder and replace it on your profile or community.

Other Security Features