Orkut Badges

Orkut badges are a fun way to express yourself and let everyone know a bit more about you at a glace. You can earn the make them available in your profile so they will be visible to everyone who visits your profile page. Here is a current list of badges and tips on how you can earn them:

Connected Profile
This badge is granted to users that connected their both Orkut and Google+ profiles.

Early User
This badge recognizes all Orkut users whose profiles are five or more years old. If you deleted an old profile and created a new one, you need to wait until your new profile turns five to earn this badge.

Trend setter
Being popular in real life is just as big a deal as it is on Orkut. To earn the Popular badge you need to have received different comments from at least sixty different people in the past two months.

This is the badge that identifies those who use many different Orkut features. To earn this badge you need to have at least three groups of friends, one game or app installed, have participated in three communities, have commented on any friend's update, have posted any content publicly on Orkut, have sent at least one private scrap and also have been using a theme. Wow, after having done all this, you certainly are an Orkut graduate!

So you think you can do better than Graduate? There's the Orkut Master's badge granted to those who mastered Orkut’s most advanced features. To earn this badge, you need to have the Graduate Badge, have a private album, shared a video in the new Orkut from the post-box, must have created a community and must have chat enabled inside Orkut.

Verified (Silver)
When you verify your email address, you ensure your Orkut account is safe and prevent other people from signing up for Orkut with the same email address. Besides protecting your account, you also earn the Verified account badge.

Google Chrome
This badge is granted to users that access Orkut with Google Chrome web browser.

Google+ user
To get this badge, you have to sign up to Google+ with the same email address you use in Orkut.

Orkut App
This badge is granted for those users that accessed Orkut through Orkut Mobile App.

Orkut Android App
This badge is granted for those users that accessed Orkut through Orkut Mobile App for Android version 2.1 or superior.

Strong Contributor
This badge is a recognition from the Orkut team to those who have contributed with the product. Those people were invited by Google Team to test new features before launch and found issues, suggested new improvement and helped us in many ways to make Orkut better for everyone.

Super User
The Super User badge is granted to the main Orkut help forum contributors. Our guides regularly monitor the forum and award the badge to a select group of users who keep the forum free of spam by providing the most helpful and relevant answers to other user queries on a regular basis.

Starred User
This badge is a recognition for those who are highlighted in the Orkut Help forum and are on pace to become Super Users.

Google Visitor
This badge is given to those few people who were invited and visited at least one Google office around the world.

This badge is granted to Orkut users who work at Google.