Create or delete a photo album in Orkut

Creating a photo album

To create a new photo album, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click photos on your homepage.
  2. Click Create album and enter an album name and an description, if you want one, for the album.
  3. Select the photos on your computer that you want to upload to Orkut. Note that you can select multiple images at the same time by pressing the Ctrl key, or the Command key on a Mac.
  4. While your photos are uploading, you can start reordering the position of the images by dragging and dropping them and adding captions.
  5. Select a privacy setting for this album by choosing who can see the photos: some manually selected friends, all your Orkut friends or everyone in Orkut.
  6. Click Done on the bottom of the page to finish.

Your new album will immediately appear in your Albums section.

Don't forget to check the Orkut image upload and removals policy. We ask that you don't upload photos containing celebrities or nudity. Thanks for keeping Orkut a friendly (and legal) community!

Deleting a photo album

To delete a photo album, follow the steps below:

  1. Click photos on your homepage.
  2. Click delete beside the album you want to remove.
  3. Confirm your action to finish.

Be careful when deleting your albums, you won't be able to retrieve the photos from a deleted album.