Warning page for external or malicious websites

If you click on a link in Orkut that takes you to an external website, you might see a reminder window explaining to you that the website is not hosted or endorsed by Orkut. You may also see a red warning page, telling you that the site you're trying to visit has been identified as malicious, usually a forgery site intended to trick you in order to steal your personal or financial information.

Why am I seeing this warning page?

You're seeing a warning page because you're traveling to a site outside of Orkut which we can't guarantee is safe. Such sites can expose you and your computer to bad or improper content. Please be careful when deciding to access external sites like these or not.

What harmful things can an external website threaten me with?

Malicious websites usually try to steal your personal information (like usernames, passwords, and bank account information), commonly via phishing techniques. Those websites also usually try to infect your computer with viruses, spyware, adware, and other unwanted junk.

Make sure you never enter your Orkut username and password on any site outside of Orkut. That's a very common way to steal your information and later access your account. Learn more.

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