Scraps to multiple people

You can send a single message to as many people as you want, all at once. Send a scrap, photo, video or whatever to a group of friends or choose recipients individually. And if your friends reply on what you've sent them, it becomes a group conversation. You can limit your conversation to a few people only too.

What if the group scrap is also for selected people?

If the group scrap that you received was also for selected people, that scrap will be clearly identified and only be visible to you and the other people selected to receive this scrap, as decided by the first person who posted it. When you reply to a private scrap (either clicking "reply" or clicking the new link to view all the replies on new Orkut), your reply will also be private. Learn more about the visibility levels for scraps.

How to leave a group scrap that someone else created?

In order to leave a conversation that a friend created, just click you own name in the scrap. Then, you won't receive any future scrap from that conversation.